A Happy Song from Electric Light Orchestra

A Happy Song from Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. Blue Sky is a happy song written by Jeff Lynne to praise a bright sky. During recording, clouds had been rainy, and the sun had not appeared for about two weeks. The title of the song itself personified the sky as a man who had disappeared for a while. Mr. Blue Sky describes a bright blue sky with a soothing warm sun.

Verse one vividly explains the long-awaited sunny condition of that day. Jeff Lynne describes how the sun shone with a clear cloudless sky. He describes the mood on the streets, how people were gay and playing outside in the sun. Mr. Blue Sky’s refrain is a rhetorical question to blue clear sky. Jeff Lynne asks about this blue sky where he had hidden all those days with rainy and misty weather.

Jeff Lynne continues to employ personification

It is a way of expressing how people waited for a bright sky with a shining sun. Moreover, intentional repetition of the chorus is for emphasis, to clearly illustrate how cold and foggy it was without this sunny weather. Jeff’s agony is illustrated using personification, where it seems as if Jeff expects answers from this blue sky. By repeatedly asking where the blue sky had hidden while constantly asking how people had offended Mr. Blue Sky, he hid, allowing them to suffer the fog and mist, which is a powerful illustration of pain in the writer’s heart.

Jeff Lynne continues to employ personification by calling the sun ‘pretty face’, which implies Mr. Blue Sky’s face. In short, the clear sky with the sun is what is described as Mr. Blue Sky with a pretty face, one would think the sky and sun is a human being. Literary works use different stylistic devices to make their works more artistic as well as more appealing. In this song, personification is employed relevantly to describe that day’s beautiful weather clearly.

A strong nostalgia for sunny weather

A good reason why Jeff decided to call the sun the pretty face could be because the sun’s shape is round, which resembles a face. Describing the sun’s face as pretty portrays the mood that sunshine created. The mood created by this song is that of happiness, and elation, and exhilaration brought by this climatic change. People are dancing everywhere in the streets to welcome the blue sky with a hot sun.

A strong nostalgia for sunny weather is clearly depicted by how Jeff says that everybody is happy and dancing outside. There are no clouds, in fact, Jeff says that there is a celebration, he describes the blue sky event as beautiful. He says that before the sun, there was pity in the streets. Pity describes the problems associated with prolonged rainy, cold days, probably with fog which reduces visibility for motorists and pedestrians. Sometimes, when there is a prolonged rainy season, snow forms, blocking the roads.

A Happy Song from Electric Light Orchestra

Although there is joy all over, the artist describes how their happiness will be short-lived when nightfall comes. Personification continues to refer to the moon as a man with a hand who will place it on the shoulder of Mr. Blue Sky and take him away, bringing an end to the celebration. Jeff Lynne uses the word creeping to describe how nightfall will come. One, to show that coming of nightfall though inevitable is not welcome to spoil this happy moment Mr. Blue Sky brought along. Two, to show the gradual transition of daytime tonight where the sunny day would end and darkness set in.

The author says that when nightfall comes, people will not see a blue sky anymore, nor will they see the shining sun. Oblivious of this fact, Jeff says that he will not mind so much about the nightfall but would keep memories of that day dancing happily with everybody in the sun after long and misty weather.

Wrapping up, Jeff’s song is a song that talks about climatic seasons as well as a celebratory song that should be sung when the sun shines after a long period of winter. This song can still sing after a long season of suffering, in which case the rain represents the challenges a person is faced with. A beautiful blue sky with a pretty face represents a victory that comes afterward. It is really hoped that this work has expounded vividly about what the song Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra is all about and learned about the literary devices employed by Jeff.

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