Best Blue Songs You Can’t Stop Listening To

Best Blue Songs You Can’t Stop Listening To

Blues are performed with many emotions from the hearts rather than just with lyrics, they are the singers feelings expressed in a form of music. These songs originated from Americans in the early 90s and classified as folk songs, it is mainly centered on the singers voice rather than instruments. Blues have become very popular in the United States and the globe, many French countries utilize them for love songs. Because Blues are soft and full of emotions, most songs with those genres have love lyrics. The music can be linked to that of church hymns, which are slow and expresses what the musician is feeling on the inside.

This genre also involves the use

This genre also involves the use of body language like raising of hands, making sad faces, kneeling on stage, making a fist and on rare occasions, crying while singing. Instruments such as guitars with violins are common in a blue genre setting, during a concert, a set of guitarists called jazz bands strum the instruments while the lead singer performs. Mammie Smith, a powerful American Singer, was among the first few that began this genre by releasing their first musical work in the early 90s with a single titled “That Thing Called Love”. At that time since there were nothing like music videos, she made a recording of the song, Mammie made history by becoming the first Black woman to sing Blues vocally. Aside from these, she and other musicians afterwards would perform live on stage with instrumentalists like guitarists to support.

Best Blue Songs You Can't Stop Listening To

In those days, this genre was called “Classical Blues” rather than just blues, later on other forms of the music came into being with more people developing an interest in it. Another prominent singer of all time is Ma Rainey who began career at the early age of 19 after the marriage to the late Will Rainey. Pridgett developed a passion for songs since she was young, she would always go to parks with friends to hold a pretend concert.

Ma Rainey released her first solo track in 1923 titled “See Riders, ” which was a hit and gained the fame she so badly desired. Pridgett explained that having a supportive husband like Will was an asset, and that he was someone like a manager to guide the singer to success. Although almost all blue songs are interesting to listen to too, there are still some that listeners cannot just get enough of, here are a few great Blues tracks of all time. Stevie Ray’s 1983 single “Pride And Joy” is number one on the list of songs you find yourself playing on repeat without realizing. The second is Red house by Jimi Hendrix that was produced in 1966 with a duration of over 10 minutes, since this song is lengthy, you can enjoy it for a while.

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