The Different Colors of Music

The Different Colors of Music

Music is a form of art that transcends generations. Humans started making music from the first time they could rub sticks or stones together. Today, music is everywhere you go and can be a form of expression, education, or entertainment. Some popular genres of music are Blues, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Afro beat. Each genre of music represents a group of songs that have a similar theme, rhythm, appeal, or tune. When you think of some of these genres, they may remind you of a particular color.

Blues is famous for its cool

Blues is famous for its cool acoustic music accompanied by drums mixed with piano sounds. It produces a rhythm that can soothe the soul and calm the listener. Blues music behaves much like a light blue color that is cool and soothing. Reggae music is produced when the sounds of heavy drums meet the soft tunes of a traditional guitar. Its Rastafarian/Jamaican roots are associated with the green color because green is a dominant color on the Jamaican flag.

The Different Colors of Music

Rock music is famous for its sharp, fast-paced sounds of electric guitars, drums, and pianos. Although it features other themes, Rock music is most famous for being a sound of rebellion, protest or freedom from oppression. Defiant young people in the early eighties listened to Rock music despite the contrary instructions of their parents. Rock bands are always ready to speak up against the ills of constituted authority. You may associate the color black with Rock music because black may be a symbol of protest or rebellion.

Jazz music combines the sound of different trumpets accompanied by pianos and drums. It is a symbol for fun, happiness, or any other feeling that comes with the color yellow. Music lovers can identify Afro beat through the sounds of heavy drums and gongs. It comprises Fuji, Afro pop, and Alternative Sounds. Afro beat is a part of black culture; therefore, it can be associated with the color brown, like the unique skin pigmentation of black people.

Making music goes beyond producing the tunes that you hear, as songs can stimulate other active senses in your body. Reggae’s relationship with Jamaican culture makes it a perfect companion for the color green. Music lovers may associate the Blues with a light shade of blue because of its soothing tunes. The deep, sharp, rebellious tones of Rock music remind me of the color black. Yellow is the color of jazz, while Afro beat flies a brown flag.

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